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This fall Dave marked 31 years in television! We hope you will enjoy this walk back in time.

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Earliest picture of Dave as a television broadcaster.  1979 ID card in Huntington, WV.  Way too much hair and way too much pancake make-up!


  Within a month of moving from WMBD TV in Peoria, IL, to WHIO TV in Dayton, OH, Dave was thrown into covering the Miamisburg train derailment and chemical fire. The incident remains to this day the largest evacuation due to a train derailment in US history. Even though a newly arrived reporter, Dave was assigned to Chopper 7 to take a look at what happened. Miamisburg Fire Captain Billy Ring and Dave provided play by play aerial coverage of the incident over 5 days, piloted by Mark Crane. Picture was taken about a month after the incident, in August of 1986.

1988, at the Dayton International Air Show.  Robin Leach (of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous") and Dave catch a ride on the World War II B-17 bomber "Sentimental Journey."

1989, covering Hurricane Hugo in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Fatigue shows as Dave covers his first hurricane.


Dave in about 1990 at WHIO TV, Dayton, OH.

Dave in 1990, co-hosting the Children's Miracle Network Telethon on WHIO TV in Dayton.  Dave returned to hosting CMN many years later in Wichita!

Dave in the fall of 1991, at WHIO TV in Dayton.

Dave and his wife Tracy ham it up in a 1991 charity "whodunit" for the Boy Scouts in Dayton.  Tracy was pregnant with the second little Freeman at the time.

Dave in 1992, at WHIO TV in Dayton.  This picture appeared in the first edition of "When the Sky Goes Boom."

Dave in 1992, at WHIO TV in Dayton.  If this were a stamp, it would be a collector's item.  Dave is a lefty, and parts his hair on the right.  This picture was reversed for some reason!  Look at the previous picture, from the same sitting.

Dave flew with the US Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters to investigate Hurricane Andrew in August of 1992.  They intercepted Andrew over the Gulf of Mexico, after it had already devastated south Florida.  The aircraft was inside the hurricane when this satellite image was taken.

Another image of Hurricane Andrew taken when Dave was inside the storm on board the Hurricane Hunter aircraft.  In all, the aircraft made six penetrations of the hurricane eye during a 12 hour mission.

Dave on board the Hurricane Hunter, inside the eye of Hurricane Andrew, on August 25, 1992.  Dave is watching the crew drop a radiosonde, a device that measures weather and transmits the information back to the aircraft.

Article from the Dayton Daily News about the mission into the eye of Hurricane Andrew.

A happy Dave arrives in Wichita, KS, in July of 1993, at KSNW TV.

Dave conjures up a tornado for a special report on KSN, in the spring of 1994.  Little did he realize that he would have a 20 foot tornado just outside his office 6 years later--at Exploration Place!

Dave in about 1994 at KSN in Wichita.  Could that be the first few gray hairs starting to sneak in?

Now those gray hairs are starting to pop!  Dave in the fall of 1995.

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"There's a guy named Dave..."  In 1995, KSN kicked off promotional campaign that highlighted Dave's school visits.

Gari Communications has kindly made this available as a Quicktime movie.  It is a large download so it may take a few minutes to download, depending on your connection speed and how your browser handles Quicktime.

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One of the highlights of Dave's career and life--carrying the Olympic flame in 1996.  Dave carried the flame from Douglas and Waco to the present site of Exploration Place, where this picture was taken.  He then passed the flame to a Native American, who rode in a canoe to the Keeper of the Plains.


Dave on the set at KSN in 1996.


Cow Milking Champions of the Kansas State Fair!  Meteorologist Mark Bogner, Agriculture Broadcaster Larry Steckline, and Dave celebrate the win.  About 1998.

Let the festivities begin!  Dave looks on at the opening ceremonies for Exploration Place in April, 2000.  The KSN WeatherLab was located in Exploration Place from February, 2000, until January, 2007.

Dave talks with a young visitor on opening day for Exploration Place, April of 2000. 

It took three years of architectural and design meetings, and figuring out an entirely new way to broadcast weather on television to prepare for the move to Exploration Place. Many of the ideas and methods created were so successful they were brought back to the KSN main studios when the WeatherLab moved back in January of 2007.

Because no one had ever integrated a TV weather operation into the design and program of a science center, the KSN WeatherLab @ Exploration Place received national attention.  This picture appeared in Weatherwise magazine in January of 2001.

Dave quickly became friends with Martin Ratcliffe, then Director of Theatres at Exploration Place.  Martin is also a noted amateur astronomer and author.  EP opening day, April, 2000.


The KSN WeatherLab Team in 2001.  Meteorologists Rodney Price, Dave Schaffer, Chief Meteorologist Dave Freeman, and Meteorologist Mark Bogner.  Over 7 years, the group became a close-knit group of friends.

Dave has had a long association with the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, including a long run as the host of the annual Blue Jeans Concert.  In January of 2001, the theme was a Space Odyssey.

With the assistance of the Kansas Cosmosphere, Dave suited up in a replica Apollo space suit to capture the proper...er, uh...atmosphere!

Dave is ready to take the stage for the opening of the concert. 

The concert also featured Dave in a Star Trek uniform before he finally ended in blue jeans.  Dave noticed that Captain Picard was a bit stiff backstage.

Dave and Tracy Freeman, and former KSN News Anchor Anita Cochran and Kent Cochran take time to celebrate Tracy's birthday.



Dave pictured in August of 2003, shortly after celebrating 10 years as Chief Meteorologist at KSN.



The KSN WeatherLab Team in March of 2005.  Meteorologist Leon Smitherman (right) joins Mark Bogner, Dave and Dave Schaffer .


Dave pictured on the front of a severe weather safety brochure.  April, 2005


A new edition of "When the Sky Goes Boom" is published. Dave co-authored the coloring book for toddlers while at WHIO TV in Dayton, OH.  There are now about 200,000 copies in print. April, 2005

The KSN WeatherLab Team welcomed a new member in December of 2005, Meteorologist Andrew Kozak. Pictured here: Leon Smitherman, Dave, Andrew Kozak and Mark Bogner.


Dave loves to visit kids, and with the younger set, "When the Sky Goes Boom" makes for a fun read!

Derby, KS, March, 2005

Dave visits here with the Wee Panther Pals program in Derby, just SE of Wichita.

March, 2005

"When the Sky Goes Boom" was co-authored by Dave along with a pediatrician and a child psychologist. It is great for helping 3-5 year olds cope with their natural fear of storms.

March, 2005

Dave broadcasts live from the Kansas State Fair in September of 2006.  Believe it or not, the shirt was actually found on the clearance rack at Sheplers in Wichita.  It was not a special order!

Dave and Mark Bogner are happy to serve as "Co-Kernels" for the Boy Scout Popcorn Sale!
"Flat Dave" and "Flat Mark" made the rounds to encourage the Scouts in their efforts to sell popcorn and raise funds.

Dave challenged the youth and children of the Wichita area to raise more money for the United Way School Campaign in the fall of 2006.  The payoff:  if they met the challenge, Dave would wear Crazy Hair on KSN News at 5, 6 and 10PM.  It was a great victory for United Way and a real fashion statement!

Click here to see Dave's Crazy Hair at 5PM

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Read and see more on the Wichita Public Schools web site!

Dave reports from the site of the devastating Greensburg, Kansas, tornado.  Dave reported 1 week after the tornado.  See photos of Dave's tour of the city. Now UPDATED with images from KSN's coverage of the tornado!

Trying to convey the feel of the somber scene and determination of the people of Greensburg.

Time for some fun--Dave and Tracy on a SCUBA diving adventure in Florida with KSN Anchor Anita Cochran and her husband, Kent.

In August of 2007, Dave fulfilled a boyhood dream courtesy of Wichita Wranglers play by play announcer Eric Andersson. Eric invited Dave to call a couple of innings as the Wranglers hosted the Tulsa Drillers.  Click here to listen! Courtesy of 93.5 FM KWME.

In late 2007, the Wichita Public Schools USD 259 launched a campaign to communicate the strengths of the district.  Dave and his wife Tracy were honored to be asked to participate.

Click here to download and view their 30 second spot.


The KSN WeatherLab Staff March 2008

In 2007, the KSN WeatherLab Team welcomed a new member, JD Rudd. Here the team is pictured in March of 2008. Dave, Mark Bogner, JD Rudd, Andrew Kozak, Leon Smitherman and Dean Jones.

The National Weather Association named Dave "Broadcaster of the Year for 2008!" Here Dave receives his award from NWA President (and former Weather Channel meteorologist) John Scala.

Dave was honored "for life-saving service during the May 4, 2007 Greensburg, KS tornado outbreak and for sustained promotion of improved private/public service partnerships enhancing forecasts and warning services in Kansas."

Future Meteorologist Warning Folks

Future Meteorologist

Is this how a new career begins? 6 year old Austin helps get the word out regarding dangerous storms in June of 2009.


Dave and WSO Maestro Andrew Sewell

Dave and former Wichita Symphony Orchestra Maestro Andrew Sewell, backstage at "Death on the Downbeat." Dave has greatly enjoyed working with Andrew during his tenure with the Symphony.

January, 2010

Dave with Cast of Death on the Downbeat

Dave backstage with the stars and creators of "Death on the Downbeat." Maggie Petersen and Doug MacIntyre formed the Magic Circle Mime Company and created the enjoyable and entertaining spoof of murder and mystery, set to wonderful music.

January, 2010

Dave joins "High Instability" Internet Radio as a guest to talk weather. They say, "This ain't your Daddy's weather radio" and it is a pretty animated talk show about weather. Dave was a guest in February of 2011.

Go to the "High Instability" website.

Listen to Dave's episode. Left click to listen; right click to save.

NWS Public Service Award

Dave was honored by the National Weather Service with a special Public Service Award for his help in changing the national severe weather criteria for hail. The change, from .75" (penny size) to 1" (about the size of a quarter) has reduced the number of warnings, placing greater emphasis on truly dangerous storms. Presenting the award to Dave are Dick Elder, Meteorologist in Charge at the NWS Wichita Office; and Chance Hayes, Warning Coordination Meteorologist at Wichita. Dick and Chance have also been honored for their work to change the hail criteria, earning a prestigious Bronze Medal from the US Department of Commerce.

Click here if you would like to read more about Dave on KSN.com!

Behind the Scenes with Dave

Fins and More Fins!

Regular viewers and listeners know that Dave is fond of old Cadillac's.  Dave is pictured here in the summer of 2002 with his treasure:  a rare 1963 Cadillac Park Avenue DeVille with just 7900 actual miles.  The car appears black here, due to the lighting.  It is actually a beautiful maroon.

Dave and Tracy line up with the Central Plains Region of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club for the St. Patrick's Day parade in Wichita in 2001.  Here you see that beautiful color beneath a stunning Kansas sky.

The fins on old Caddy's aren't the only kind of fins Dave enjoys!  Dave is a PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer, and Tracy is a PADI professional Divemaster.  Here they are hanging out on a reef off Cozumel, Mexico.


Dave says "Hi!" from a reef off Grand Cayman Island.



Dave and Tracy say, "A-OK!" after a dive at Grand Cayman Island.  Behind them, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's incredible Navigator of the Seas, where the Freeman's celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2004.

Dave returns to the dive boat after a dive at the Caribbean island of Antigua in January of 2005.

Dave does the "Jacques Cousteau" back roll entry on a dive in Barbados.


Dave about 45' down in Barbados, proving that SCUBA diving really is the lazy man's sport.

Dave gives the surface "OK" signal in Barbados.

Dave and his wife Tracy are "dive buddies for life!"  Here's the reaction to a dive in Barbados.

Dave and Tracy enjoyed cruising on Celebrity's beautiful Constellation with dive stops along the way.  Here, Dave is on the dive boat with Constellation over his shoulder at Grenada.

Grenada is recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Ivan, which struck the island on September 7, 2004.  These pictures are from the capital city of St. George's.  Notice that there is no roof to the right of the church steeple.

This shop was deroofed and gutted by Ivan near the waterfront in St. George's.

Even four months later, the effects of Ivan are plain to see.  Some estimates say that 80-90% of the homes in Grenada were damaged or destroyed by Ivan.

This was a brand new sports stadium, collapsed by Ivan.

Note the number of roofs missing, and the number of buildings covered by tarps.

This building's roof was peeled away by Ivan's Category 5 winds.

One of Grenada's main industries is tourism, and fortunately the island's beautiful reefs and haunting wrecks were not damaged by Ivan.  Here, Dave hangs out on a wreck dive near St. George's.

This stunning double rainbow was photographed by Dave in the harbor of St. George's.  Let's hope it is a good sign for the people of Grenada.  Read more about Ivan and Grenada in Dave's web column.

Dave discovers a West Indian Sea Egg during a dive at St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands.

Dave hanging around on a reef off Key Largo, Florida.

Dave at the port side prop of the USS Spiegel Grove, sunk as an artificial reef off Key Largo, FL.  The ship rested on her starboard side until Hurricane Dennis rolled her into an upright position just a couple of months after this picture was taken. The keel and props are now buried in sand and hidden forever!

Dave and his dive buddy say hello to a resident of the reef off Key Largo, FL, a Southern Stingray.

Dave celebrates his 100th logged SCUBA dive at the Wreck of the Rhone, in the British Virgin Islands. This ship was sunk by a hurricane in 1867, with the loss of about 100 lives. Today it is still remarkably well-preserved and a world-famous dive site.

While diving in the British Virgin Islands, Dave is caught up in the spirit of the Pirates of the Caribbean! A dive knife found on the bottom of the ocean becomes a souvenir!

The British Virgin Islands have many wrecks to dive including this airplane fuselage sunk as an artificial reef. Please make sure your seat backs are in the upright position and your tray tables are....

Dave and his dive buddy for life, Tracy, explore the reefs of the British Virgin Islands.

Dave explores the USS Duane, sunk as an artificial reef off the coast of Key Largo, FL.

June, 2006


A very happy Dave at home on a beautiful reef off Key Largo, FL.

June, 2006

Dave finishing a dive at Lake Tahoe, NV.  Not only a happy diver but a happy weather geek--note the snow squall in progress in the background! Air temperature: 39F; water temperature 52F all the way to 94' deep!

October, 2007

Dave and Tracy spotted this on the way back in to shore from a SCUBA dive in Aruba. Dave grabbed his underwater camera, switched to land mode, and fired off pictures until the battery gave out.

December, 2007

It is probably a waterspout (over water) as opposed to a tornado (over land). But the bottom line is that they are really the same thing!

December, 2007

A study in contrasts....  Life goes on in the foreground in spite of the threatening background.

December, 2007

A spectacular view showing the structure of the vortex.

December, 2007

The waterspout/tornado dissipated after about 10 minutes.

December, 2007


Dave enjoyed meeting Emmy Award winning underwater videographer Frazier Nivens on a critter feeding dive in Key Largo, FL. Dave, on the left, saying hello to a goliath grouper.

January, 2010

More Key Largo Critters

Frazier has nicknamed these two groupers "Bruiser" and "Bruiser, Jr."

January, 2010

More critters in Key Largo

This is "Bruiser," who is, as you can see, about 5' long and about 2' "tall." This species can grow to immense sizes. Elsewhere on the reefs at Key Largo you can find the "Mini-Cooper Grouper," which is exactly what the name implies!

January, 2010

More Key Largo critters

A face only a mother could love.... But the fish sure is handsome, eh?

January, 2010


What is it like to be one of the "Men of Honor?" Dave got to find out in Key Largo in January of 2011.




Dave got to make a dive in a vintage 1944 US Navy brass hat rig! It is very different from diving with the freedom of modern SCUBA gear and the experience gave a whole new appreciation for the work of the real "Men of Honor."

January, 2011


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